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Sunlak Gate Limited (SGL) was established as an enterprise since 2018 but was later incorporated on the 17th day of November, 2021 in Nigeria with RC: 1862895. Sunlak Gate Limited (SGL) is an indigenious Nigerian Limited Liability Company which was born and regitered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by a joint team of professionals whose combination of driveful vigor, professional competence, tenacity of purpose, excellent human relations and construction expertise had led to the phenomenial growth of the organisation till date. The result is that Sunlak Gate Limited (SGL) is now a household name in construction and fabrication of Burglary Proofs, latest Electrically controlled entrance gates, Rolling Doors, Carports Design, Danpalon Design and Installation, Handrail Design and Installation and other steel works etc. The objects for which the Company is established are: A) To procure, fabricate, construct, install and supply of steel materials, pipes, steel works and construction of various metal materials and steel products. B) To carry on business of iron benders of various sizes including flat sheets, stainless sheets and iron rods and finally to engage in general supply of technical and building equipment, fittings and accessories.
Most importantly, we are prominiently involved in the importation, distribution and sales of synthetic waterproof fabrics/net to hundreds of our offtakers across the country. Apart from the foregoing, Sunlak Gate Limited has a comparative advantage over other importers in the areas of fabrication and installation of carports, security, steel doors, burglary proofs and electrically controlled gates. Sunlak Gate Limited equally provides expertisein the areas of construction, fabrication and instalation of carports and shields for domestic and commercial purposes. A carport is a semi-covered fabric or steel structure that provides shade and weather protection for vehicles, boats, tractors and more. They typically consist of a roof supported by posts and are either free-standing meaning you can assemble it from anywhere in your outdoor space, or attach it to your home or building. Depending on the material of your carport, these structures help offer a level of protection against rain, sunshine exposure. Types of Carports We handle: There are a number of materials a carport can be made of, particularly the roof. Different carports made from different materials offer specific levels of protection against rain, ice, sunshine un-exposures. 1. Polyethylene Fabric and steel Carports A fabric carport provides practical and functional seasonal vehicle protection. These structures include a fully un-treated and heat-sealed instead of stitched polyethylene cover for a 100% waterproof and fade- resistant cover. The heavy duty steel frame also resists chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion for plenty of use. Include an easy to use carport for vehicle protection that offers strength, durability and simplicity. 2. Galvanized Steel Carports This effectively resists corrosion, chipping and rust. Our arrow carport includes an industrial grade steel frame and 29-gauge galvanized steel roof to effectively shield outdoor elements for yearlong use. 3. Galvanized/Hot Dipped Galvanized and Vinyl-Coated. A carport with an added vinyl coating provides ultimate durability and strength in your structure. Long-lasting vinyl-coating over galvanized steel has 5times the coating thickness sham standard steel buildings. This helps resist scratches, rust, corrosion and ensures the highest level of weather protection all while adding a luster to your carports exterior. The Company is committed to excellent and timely execution of contracts and always endeavours to meet the expectations of our numerous customers/clients. OUR AGENDA With our professional approach and executions, the company has capabilities in the following fields:- * Welding/Construction of Burglary Proofs * Entrance Gate design and installation * Rolling door design and installation * Carport design and installation * Danpalon design and installation * Handrail design and installation * Steel works, Gates and Doors The Company is commited to excellent and timely execution of contracts and always endeavours to meet the expectation of our client. SUNLAK GATE LIMITED (SGL) also provides consultancy and management services in all the above fields where specific instructions are received from our clients.

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